Wednesday June 1 2022 received a report at 9 from security. The witness found little Karter beside the corpse


In the case of corpses in Cipondoh, accused lovers of a couple are threatened with a sentence of 20 years in prison. Thunday Oktober 20. 2022

Tangerang The trial of the murder case in Cipondoh was held by the Prosecutor Sahanarha SH, the Tangerang City State Prosecutor’s Prosecutor.

The Public Prosecutor presented 3 witnesses, 2 police officers, 1 witness, the parents of the accused, Sahrul Ramadhan.

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Witness Jayani, a member of the Tangerang Police, and Witness Pandu, a member of the Metro Jaya Police, arrested the two perpetrators.

The defendant Sahrul did not object to his mother being a witness in the trial of his case. Because the testimony of Srimaryani.

The defendant’s mother, Sahrul Ramadhan, was only limited to the ownership of a Vario motorbike that was used to commit the murder with her boyfriend Dea against the victim Bayu Samudra.

The panel of judges Desman Simarmata SH MH, “Witness Jayani, this father is a policeman (ready) if the policeman is buttoned up,

“Just like Sambo, the panel of judges said, making the audience smile,” Jayani’s testimony, a member of the Tangerang City Police, was found a man’s body covered in blood already dry on the neck. Then he was taken to the hospital, said witness Jayani.

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The body was found without identification. The body was found near the Karang Tengah highway.

The body covered in a sweater is in the bushes. The defendant’s attorney, Mu Arif SH, when asking the witness about the incident.

Wednesday June 1 2022 received a report at 9 from security. The witness found little Karter beside the corpse.

The witness scouts members of the Polda Metro Jaya a joint team of Polsek, Polres and Polda more than 30 personnel to uncover this sadistic murder case.

Found on Thursday 1st, on 2nd found the defendant Fahrul Radhan was arrested in his rented house while Dea was secured at his home.

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