He also doesn’t have an answer yet, maybe it’s also in legal settlement When confirmed by Anah, the staff tried not to give an answer, what explained

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When asked by the Rice Lawyers, they did not answer, to what extent did the legal process carried out by Pakuhaji rice paddies, Kab. Tangerang, Banten, Monday (17/10)

How will it go, Mr. Boy?, the Paddy side also has not answered, whether the reason is also not known.

Even our party has tried to communicate but has not answered. Where have you been reporting about the sub-district head of kukuhaji?, this has also not been answered, and he can’t even explain. Have you checked on reporting to the police?

There is also no answer as to whether it is still in the legal process or not. When is the trial in the district court?

He also doesn’t have an answer yet, maybe it’s also in legal settlement When confirmed by Anah, the staff tried not to give an answer, what explained it was our legal authority, Mr. Boy. According to information,

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That dozens of people claiming to be from the North Tangerang Community Forum stumbled upon the Padi Padi Picnic restaurant in Kramat Pakuhaji Village, Tangerang Regency, on Thursday, September 15, 2022.

They demanded that the restaurant be closed. “Because it doesn’t make any contribution to the citizens and the government,” said Action Coordinator Said Kosim.

While giving speeches, dozens of these residents carried banners that read for the government to discipline rogue businessmen who did not have a permit. “Don’t let the people who move take the law into their own hands,” one of the contents of the sentence they spread, quoted by Tempo.co

The demonstrators made a number of demands on the action, including; support the Tangerang Metro Police to investigate the case of the destruction of the Tangerang Regency Government asset portal at the Padi Padi Picnic entrance, arrest nine suspects and owners of Paddy Paddy,

Support the Tangerang Regency Government to take firm action against those who violate the rules. Said said that apart from the Padi Padi Picnic, they were moving to take action at the Tangerang Metro Police and the Tangerang Regent’s Office in Tigaraksa.

Upon seeing the arrival of the demonstrators, the owner of Pakuhaji’s Padi Padi Picnic Ground, Bong Thiam Kim, said he was surprised.


“They have the wrong address for the demonstration to come here,” said Kim when contacted by Tempo. According to Kim, as a businessman he has complied with the rules by taking care of all permits.

“We have all permits and we have shown them to the Pakuhaji sub-district head, and the IMB issue is currently in the process,” he said. The case of the destruction of the portal at the entrance to the Padi Padi area in Kramat Village, Pakuhaji District, Tangerang Regency which was installed by the Pakuhaji Sub-district Satpol occurred on March 24, 2022.

The portal was installed to temporarily close the restaurant with a view of the rice field area which had gone viral on social media because it did not have a building permit (IMB).

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