We also go on holiday on red dates and leave together.

Bogor, postbantennews.com

For natural tourism Puncak, Bogor, West Java is second to none.

The mountains are beautiful, and in the morning they are covered in morning dew, and the air still feels cool.

Adding to this the natural beauty is extraordinary and in the morning, when the sun rises, it looks beautiful.

“Yes, that’s right… we want to visit that panorama and what has been explained is that the surrounding conditions are very beautiful and quite good,” said Cokih, who dreams of ending up at the top of Bogor.

He said that the beauty of the mountains at the top made him amazed to travel there.

“We also hope and Bogor is one of the tourist destinations that I really want to see,” said Cokih honestly.

According to Yanti (45), a company manager in Tangerang, she was also in love with the view and beautiful atmosphere of natural tourism at Puncak, Bogor.

“We also go on holiday on red dates and leave together, we often go with our family to Puncak, Bogor and Bali,” he said.


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