This was conveyed by Minister AHY during a discussion over breakfast meeting with Indonesian

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Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/Head of the National Land Agency (ATR/BPN), Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) emphasized the importance of providing legal certainty for all land plots in Indonesia.

This certainty is important and useful, one of which is to increase investment interest in Indonesia.
"If investment wants to come, we have to give them certainty.

"Don't let the investment come in, suddenly the land is taken over, there's a dispute because of the land mafia or something else," said the Minister of ATR/Head of BPN.

This was conveyed by Minister AHY during a discussion over breakfast meeting with Indonesian students who were members of the Association of Indonesian Student Associations in the United States (Permias) in New York.

This meeting took place at Sarabeth's' Central Park South, New York City on Friday (10/05/2024).
Minister AHY said the government continues to strive for Indonesia to become a developed country by 2045.
One of the things that is done is to improve the country's economy.

Currently, Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) income is ranked 16th in the world, so Indonesia is included in the G20 countries.

"We hope that with positive growth, in 2045 we can be in the Top 5," said Minister AHY.

The ATR Minister/Head of BPN said the government should not only focus on GDP but also individual income in Indonesia.

In order to achieve this goal, the Ministry of ATR/BPN is implementing the Agrarian Reform program.
"We also want to bring justice, prosperity.

The most basic thing for the people is to have land assets. If his grandfather or parents don't have land, he doesn't have land either.

"Land redistribution in the Agrarian Reform policy aims to significantly reduce structural poverty which is passed down over time, hopefully we can do this," explained Minister AHY.

Addressing the students, the Minister of ATR/Head of BPN then said that the opportunity to study in America, which is a strong country in all fields, was a special opportunity.

He hopes that students will use this opportunity as best as possible to add value to themselves and the country in the future.

"Whatever your profession, friends, you have a very good opportunity. Please make a contribution to Indonesia.

"Even though there will be people working outside, their hearts and minds must still be in Indonesia," stressed Minister AHY.

The presence of the Minister of ATR/Head of BPN in the United States was in response to the invitation of the World Bank as a resource person at the Global Land Policy Forum event.

Also present accompanied the Minister of ATR/Head of BPN, a number of Middle and Primary High Leadership Officials of the Ministry of ATR/BPN.

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