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The South Tangerang City Government has agreed to change the Red Zone to the Green Zone

The South Tangerang City Government has agreed to change the Red Zone to the Green Zone


The South Tangerang City Government has agreed to change the Red Zone to the Green Zone, the reason is that it explains the differences that have occurred in the Covid-19 data collection. This difference in data causes Tangsel City to become an area with a red zone status.

According to the Head of the Health Service, dr. Alin explained that the determination of Tangsel as the red zone was due to the significant increase in positive case data. However, this was denied because the data released came from old data that was in the process of synchronization.

“And this worries the economists. Meanwhile, the data that makes the data in the NAR ( New All Record ) application this week has increased significantly compared to the previous period, ”said Alin when explaining the reasons for the increase in positive numbers in Tangsel.

He continued, that so far there have been differences in data between data at the center and data in the regions, it is very much different. There are more data in the regions when compared to data at the central level, even then there is a comparison.

However, according to him, the data reported by the regions so far has not been fully inputted at the center. Therefore, since last Tuesday, the central government has synchronized data with existing data in the regions, it is necessary. so that there is no wrong perception between the regions and the center.

“If the regional data with the central government is not the same as the region, it will be detrimental to all parties. However, after being designated as a region with a red zone status, the Health Office will immediately synchronize with the central government,” he said. Alin

That way he hopes the public will not be worried about the current red zone status. because the cause is not the number of cases that jumped this week. however, the old data that is just inputted is due to differences in the data entered into the NAR.

“We appeal to the citizens and actors of the South Tangerang economy not to be afraid. because the misunderstanding needs to be disclosed, according to central data with regional data. We are sure that currently the Health Office continues to make persuasive efforts to ensure that the number of Covid-19 transmissions is under control and does not cause concern in the community during this global pademic, “he said. (henri / pn /


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