Helen jonson, We will not allow the head of the media, the press or writers to be harmed. Together, we raise our voice

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Abdul Rahman Salem Dabboussi memulai petisi ini. The bell of world war sounded on the media A unique journalistic precedent The arrest of the head of the Indonesian journalists and writers by luring him and writing provocative

Phrases through a wreath of roses containing insulting phrases for the media, media and journalists Since 3/12/2022 corresponding to Saturday He performs his duty towards one member of the syndicate

Who was arrested after setting up an accusation against him, and what the captain did by bearing the travel and costs to perform his role reflects the credibility, integrity, sincerity,

“Magnanimity and generosity of His Excellency the captain detained for the tenth day without right, without investigation and without constitutional cover or legal frameworks”, said Abdul Rahman Salem Dabboussi .

They forced him to wear the orange uniform that the criminals and terrorists were wearing in Guantanamo, with the intent of destroying the entire media structure, humiliation without legal cover, criminalizing the captain’s defense of members,

SaidAbdul Rahman Salem Dabboussi, The politics of injustice spreading like cancer The corruption that we used to hear about now we see with our own eyes The Captain’s case is a unique historical event that happens for the first time in this scandalous way.

Have we finished the germ war and started the war on the media? From here, we ask with one word from the heart of the conscience of every journalist, journalist or writer from all over the world, and your solidarity

will be published in the media in Indonesia. In particular, mention and request from each captain of the media, journalists or writers, and this position of solidarity will be published at the fore.

Helen jonson, We will not allow the head of the media, the press or writers to be harmed. Together, we raise our voice We call on the media brothers to take a peaceful stand in front of the Indonesian embassies in all countries of the world in protest

against the arrest of the head of the Indonesian Journalists and Writers Syndicate And directing letters of condemnation from the media unions directed to the ambassador of Indonesia in particular

“We hope that the media brothers will make a protest petition against the media signatures Note: Sending the news published with you in support of the captain’s freedom to return to his children before Ramadan with the name of the media institution”, said Helen Jonson women,

name, capacity and date, and I will publish it in Indonesia and return the publication to you. Together we work professionally and together we can.

We also ask for the support of all associations, organizations and institutions together against injustice Communicate privately with: Head of International Relations of the Indonesian

Journalists and Writers Syndicate Specialist Abdul Rahman Salem Dabboussi asdabboussi1@gmail.com 0096176489428


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