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6 members of the PP mass organization suwiping the FBR mass organization wrongly stabbed the community at trial,

Tangerang city, postbantennews.

The 6 defendants denied the charges of prosecutor Bambang. “I didn’t mess with the victim,” said the defendant from the youth prison via a monitor screen at the Tangerang District Court on Thursday (9/9/)


Witness victim Haedir Anwar, a resident of Jalan Garuda, a rice field village of Putat, South Tangerang. Do not know the 6 defendants. So witness

Anggi Christian. Tegal rattan village in Ciputat, South Tangerang, and Sanjaya, the catfish swamp in Ciputat, South Tangerang. Do not know the 6 defendants.

March 7 at 01-30 am going to buy cigarettes. On his return there was a group of motorbikes passing by. Because I don’t think I have a problem, I just keep quiet, said the victim, Haerudin Anwar. I brought an RX King motorbike, said the witness before the panel of judges, Agus SH.

From the direction of the corn hut, a group of motorbike riders suddenly attacked me using a knife in the form of a knife. I’m afraid to run away from the motorbike”, because the group is estimated to be more than 8 people

Anggi Kristian and Heris Sanjaya immediately fled, leaving Haerudi and his vehicle behind. The victim was stabbed in the leg and back. Incident On Jalan Pondok Kacang, South Tangerang, said witness Haerudin Anwar.

Victim witness Haedir Anwar recognized the defendant Juna Armansyah who was carrying a sharp weapon. The defendant denied not slashing. The defendants admitted that during the trial they were looking for the FBR organization.


The defendant was wrongly targeted because people who did not know anything became victims of the defendants, said Public Prosecutor Bambang SH.

After 6 million victims were self-medicated and there was no family to help, the RX King motorbikes were taken away by the defendants. At this time, although the bicycles had been sold to several police officers, they managed to win. And the evidence is in the South Tangerang prosecutor’s office.

The defendant leodardo konfoi in the middle of the night was suwifing the FBR mass organization. The first confio and the second confio. More than 30 people.

Confoe of the two Cilandak children. Alfiansyah and Konfoi, julyansyah took the sickle with Bowo to look for the FBR mass organization. Victims are not mass organizations, clearly the judges are present.


Suwiping perpetrators equipped themselves with Simbat machetes, comb machetes, pig machetes, sickles, Bremond, corporal. The second group saw people lying. The defendants all admitted that the PP members had a grudge against the FBR members.

The defendant in the trial acknowledged the chairman of the Pancasila youth, Yapto. The judge warned the defendant. Kumu must be careful. Your chairman, Yapto, is a Siliwangi person, said the panel of judges, Agus.

by Arfaiz/henry/Mp


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